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Champion Foundation was co-founded by the Chinese Red Cross Foundation and Ms. Yang Yang, who is the 1st Chinese Winter Olympics Gold Medalist, and the current IOC member (International Olympic Committee). The Foundation is established in May 2011 at Beijing.


        The 2008 Sichuan earthquake raised the nationalism throughout China, many ordinary people as well as organizations voluntarily marched for the earthquake-stricken place to offer help. Years after the incidence, China have witnessed a NGO blooming period, the Northern Star Foundation, the previous presence of Champion Foundation, was established during this period and devoting to the sports education with children.
        Recently, retired athletes draw out the public attention on their poverty-stricken life. Most of them suffered from the unclear future, confused and lack of confidence to step into our society. This group of people urgently need training and resources to find jobs. At this circumstance, the Athlete Career Programme from IOC was introduced by the Champion Foundation to China, aiming to help the athletes successfully get through the transitional period after their retirement from sports life.
        Northern Star Foundation, the previous presence of Champion Foundation, was founded by Ms. Yang Yang in December 2008 and registered in Hong Kong as a government-recognized non-profit organization. We aimed to focus in sports education on children. During a 2-years period, 150 PE teachers of 48 schools in Shifang of Sichuang province and 50 PE teachers from Xinjiang province have been trained; over RMB 300,000 physical education equipments were donated; and massive events “Joy in Sports Game” were organized for two consecutive years on Children’s Day.

        To reach more people who have those needs and to better promote the charitable activities of the foundation, in May 2011, the Northern Star Foundation joined hands with the China Red Cross Foundation to set up the Champion Foundation. Apart from the existing Joy in Sports Program, the Athlete Career Program was also included.
Social Responsibility

● Provide playground, facilities and PE teachers for children;

● An platform for retired athletes providing education and life skill training as well as to recommend job and internship opportunities;

● Offer professional consulting service for enterprises who are interested in charity welfares.


●  National Wide: our project is supported by the International Olympic Committee, the Chinese Olympic Committee, the General Administration of Sport of China and China Red Cross Foundation, which enables us to expand our coverage to the whole nation and helping on sports education with children and athletes career development.

●  Champion Spirit: many athlete champions join us as volunteers to help children to develop the champion spirit to cope with challenges, and to help athletes to transfer their strengths in sports into labour market with champion attitude.

●  Effective Team: we are professional in management and highly efficient in project execution; we pay attention on the latest China policies on athletes welfares and provide the useful information to athletes; we promise a strictly controlled capital flow and we guarantee financial transparency.

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