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        Yang Yang - a three-time Olympians and won 5 Olympic medals: with two gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal. She is the 1st gold medalist of China in Winter Olympics and a winner of 59 world champion titles throughout her 23 years of professional career - the most world champion titles in China.

        After her retirement in 2006, Yang Yang committed as a volunteer in the 2008 Olympic Games, and was elected as IOC member in 2010. She was also devoted to public welfares. She went to Sichuan province to help the reconstruction after the earthquake, and believed that engagement in sports could help children to step forward from the impact of psychological trauma after the disaster. With the supports from various social parties, Champion Foundation was eventually founded by Yang Yang in 2009(Northern Star Foundation). At first the foundation was committed to the development of sports education for children, and later on the Athlete Career Program was introduced to China to help the retired athletes for their career development.
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