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Programme Overview

Joy in sports programme focuses to develop champion quality out of youth through sports education.
Joy in sports programme aims to promote the positive impact of sports with specially designed games to encourage the active involvement of children and youth in sports to benefit from sports.

Our principle is to make:

   ● Sports more fun:
      With 30 specially designed sports games to make sports more fun and attractive to children.
   ● Development is more comprehensive and effective :
      Research says that children will greatly benefit from their active involvement in sports: enhancement of earning ability, balance of physical and mental health as well as improvement of comprehensive quality.
   ● More professional in quality-oriented education:
      With experiencing teaching mode, show the spirit of teamwork, fairness, respect, leadership and Olympics to children.
   ● Rational physical training:
      Guided by training handbook and with professional training for PE teachers, make PE lessons more diverse and rational to enhance academic & examination performance, through which, to balance the physical and mental health of children to fulfill “Better Sports, Better Study, Better person”.

At present, sports education with children in China is not satisfying. Lacking of physical exercises leads to:

   - Physical fitness of students has been dropped over 25 years
   - 2nd largest short-sighted population in the world
   - Increase in obesity population
   - Trends of young people suffering from senile diseases

Besides, the imbalanced development of education together with the one-child policy makes children:
   - Lack of teamwork spirit
   - Lack of ability to overcome difficulties and challenges
   - Lack of leadership

Three ways to implement Joy in sports Programme:
   ● equipment donation
      Suitable for community and school execution, support the deployment of Joy Sports activities through equipment donation
   ● teachers and volunteers training
      Training the PE teacher and community volunteers with fun & educational sports programme to enhance the physical fitness of children and cultivate their teamwork spirit to face challenges and to overcome difficulties
   ● event enhancement
      Organize large scale sport activities for children regularly, mobilizing sports & entertainment celebrities to take part in local events to drive excitement & media value

training contents
The training consists of football/basketball/and warm-up activity. A two-day training session will be arranged and delivered based on the training handbook, which will allow the teachers to experience each activity and to feel Joy in sports spirit out of these activities.

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